Boris Bikes for a Greener World

Renew candidate and Cambridge resident Boris Boyadzhiev comments on the need to protect the natural world, both in the way we move around and how we relate to others

Being a keen cyclist and part of the thriving Cambridge community is something I am proud of. My city has been crowned ‘the cycling capital of UK’ for a reason. There is no other place in the country where you can so effortlessly commute or leisurely cruise around on a bike by the river. I am very passionate about promoting the use of bicycles as an environmentally friendly mode of transport - one that is very good for you, too.


Unfortunately, not much has been done recently to promote cycling. There are great proposed schemes like the Chisholm Trail, designed to help you move from A to B without causing unnecessary congestion and pollution, but it will take a few decades to come to fruition. And when the green light was given for a new vital bridge to be built over the river Cam, monster contractor Carillion collapsed, confirming the impotence of the powers that be.

These failures are related to the current state of our democracy. It is ill and dysfunctional. There are experts out there driving around in cars, failing to make decisions on what we need and when we need to do it.

The moment has come to rethink, reboot and renew approaches to issues such as these. Our leaders should let local people decide for themselves. We should stand up and persistently demand a better, brighter future, rather than settling for a vote once every few years. And there is no need for violence and vitriol, since ‘wisdom is better than weapons of war’.

To present people with a sustainable vision for our lives, politicians must engage local communities face-to-face. By learning more about each other, we can achieve balance and harmony. Nature is smart and we should learn its lessons. Planet Earth is our one and only home. Keeping it clean and tidy is the key to happiness.

Don’t think it can wait until tomorrow. Start being active now and join us at Renew to rethink our relationship with the natural world.

By Boris Boyadzhiev

Renew Candidate

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