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Annie Pover
Annie Pover
Candidate for Renew UK

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Annie Pover works in Norfolk as a Senior Social Worker, supporting the most vulnerable children and families in the community in the most challenging circumstances. Annie has a BSc in Social Work and Applied Social Studies from University of Bath.

Annie was born in Kenya and relocated in the UK. She also lived in the Channel Islands for over 6 years.

Annie is a humanitarian at her core. Since 2009, Annie has engaged in voluntary work in different countries including Bulgaria, Philippines, Uganda and Kenya. Her role involved doing voluntary work in children’s homes, providing training to youth on non-violent communication and supporting them financially.

Annie has received 3 awards for her role in supporting vulnerable children and families.

Annie does not have a formal political background and she believes in making social changes. Her motto is, 'social change begins with me and you.'


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