Beyond a People’s Vote

Renew marched with 700,000 people in London for a second referendum on European Union membership – or a “People’s Vote”. 


Perhaps the most striking thing about the march aside from the amount of people involved (which made it the biggest political march since 2003’s Iraq War protest) was its diversity. We saw people from all across the country – people of different classes, ethnicities and parties united in the realisation that politics in the UK is broken. People don’t take to the streets unless the system has failed them. Politicians ignore something like this at their peril.

Renew has been clear and consistent in its opposition to Brexit, but the People’s Vote March represented deeper fissures that are cracking our country’s politics. The problems that led to the loud cry of the referendum result in 2016 have not been solved and will only get worse after departing the EU. We must now look beyond a potential Brexit – whether it happens or not – to fix politics in this country for good.

At some point in the post-Brexit months, we will reach a fork in the road. If Brexit happens, it won’t just be those who voted to Remain who will be angry, frustrated and worse-off; those who voted to Leave will also grow increasingly blue as the promises made by the Leave campaign bear no fruit.  

When this moment arrives, we will all have to ask ourselves: what now?

Where does the future of our country lie? How do we want to do politics? And who do we want to represent us?

Some will be tempted to lash out in anger. But Renew says: let’s rebuild instead.

Let’s rebuild our political system to make it more representative for the diverse citizens of the UK.

Let’s stop lying and spinning the truth like spiders.

And let’s open up politics to the majority who no longer want to be silent.

This is Renew’s vision beyond a People’s Vote and ultimately beyond Brexit. When we say we want to fix politics in this country, we don’t mean making promises we can’t keep and proposing policies that will never work. We mean rejuvenating political representation in the UK through real candidates with real life experience. And by the way – we’ll listen to experts, not shout at them.

Now ask yourself - are you Renew

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We need inspiring people from all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to stand for parliament and support us in every part of the country. We have a positive vision to make Britain better and more equal than it has ever been before. We want this country to be open to Europe and the World, a place where anyone can become wealthy but nobody has to live in poverty.

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