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Alice Bouilliez
Alice Bouilliez
Candidate for Renew UK
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I was born in Aldershot, in 1959 to Maj Brian Hamilton Goring M.B.E and Prudence Mary Baker

I was an army child, growing up in some of the hot spots in the world.

I am a British Subject who has lived and worked abroad both in France and Egypt. I have been closely involved in the Cairo British Association, being president of the Maadi branch for a couple of years.

I have a daughter and two sons, with families of their own and living in different countries. Norway, France and England. I also have close family in Ireland both North and South.

I care strongly about the plight of British people living in Europe and the rest of the world post brexit.  I am convinced that our present government has little idea of the negative effect that a bad Brexit will have on people who did not have a vote in the referendum.


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