A Halloween Treat from Renew

Budget Breakdown

It’s Budget week in Westminster. For Renew, the big takeaway was the lack of extra funding for schools. Read our take here.

We’d love your opinion on where you’d like your tax money spent. Please feel free to fill in a short poll on our Facebook or Twitter page to give an idea of your priorities. We’ve already highlighted education as a key sector for Renew, but we’ve also included healthcare, defence, infrastructure and environmental protection as other options.

Happy Halloween

Here’s The Times’ take on Philip Hammond’s Budget. Maybe the kids should feel lucky they got anything at all...

Renew has long been in favour of a People’s Vote on EU membership. Politicians have failed to deliver on their Brexit promises and are trying to sweep it under the carpet. Everybody needs to tell their MP how they feel. So to make life easy we’ve posted a letter on our website for you. It couldn’t be simpler - a few clicks and press send. Job done. Now your MP will know your thoughts on this, the most vital political issue for the country since the Second World War.

Bristol and Manchester Meetup

Renew leader Annabel Mullin talks to Conner Kiernan at the event

This week we went to Manchester and met three of our brilliant candidates. Conner Kiernan is one of them. Conner was born in Blackpool and now studies Journalism at Liverpool John Moores University. He is passionate about his community and country, but realised the institutional parties are not fit for either. With Renew, he is promoting democracy, fairness and opportunity for all.

We were also in Bristol on Wednesday to meet another crop of candidates. Look out for their videos on our social media channels in the coming days...

Now read this…

The moral case for a second vote has never been more powerful - John Major’s here again with another convincing call for a People’s Vote (Source: Evening Standard)

What if We’re All Coming Back? - Food for thought on inequality, philosophy and social justice (Source: New York Times)

Time to grow up and change our minds about Brexit: Even Eurosceptic farmers are now backing a People’s Vote. (Source: Farmers Weekly)

Send in your stories

Renew wants to hear about the political issues that have affected you personally for the news section of our website. Your story can be about anything - the housing crisis, the NHS, Brexit - just keep it short, snappy and personal. We want real stories from real people so that visitors to our website can really sympathise with Renew’s message. Send us a few hundred words to contact@renewparty.org.uk and we’ll feature the best stories in our blog posts.

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