A New Approach

Renew is bringing a completely new approach to British politics.

Renew wants to transform our political culture and restore faith in our politics and trust in our MPs.

We think politics in the UK is broken. We think people are fed up with the way our politicians act. We worry that people are simply turning off politics because of this. And politicians are prioritising their careers and party politics over any serious attempt to work together across party lines and in the interests of the whole country.
Our new approach has a solid foundation – a new political philosophy for the 21st century – that puts people right at the heart of everything we do. We start by recognising our shared humanity and believing that we all want to live a life of dignity where we can contribute fully.

We think the way our politics works at the moment gets in the way of that. Our current political culture has grown up around a heavily centralised and patronage-oriented party model. We need to change that.

We also need to change the over-focus on market approaches that currently informs all government thinking. Right now governments and civil society serve markets. We want to reset that balance and ensure that markets and governments serve people.

Join us to help make these changes.