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Afshin Payravi
Afshin Payravi
The Renew Party Candidate for Hendon

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Afshin Payravi is a British-Iranian who has lived in London for 40 years. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Central London Polytechnic (now Westminster University) and has worked in many industries from catering to herbal medicines and is now a director of a construction company.  He has been a political activist and has been active in local and international issues, from saving the NHS from crisis to campaigning for human rights in Iran. He is an independently minded person and is always concerned for the greater good of the nation, rather than partisan party politics. He has a very good grasp of national and international politics and has joined Renew in the hope to strengthen democracy within the UK, as well as to deal effectively with the problems that the country faces.

Afshin is the director of a small construction company in North London. Having come to the UK forty years ago in protest of the Iranian regime, Afshin is now running for Renew to help fix the UK’s broken political system. He has been failed by the main institutional parties and deserted the Conservatives after their handling of Brexit. Afshin is married with three children and lives in London.


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